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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bloodcell & Primitive - 1st November 2011 - The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London

It was a Tuesday night and I was in Kings Cross meeting up with my friends Sam and Dan to see Bloodcell at The Water Rats. We arranged to meet for a couple of swift pints before the gig at the pub across the street (The Lucas Arms I think). Now I’m going to be completely honest because what’s the point of doing this if I’m not, right? Bloodcell is a band made up of friends of mine but I hadn’t caught one of their shows before. I wasn’t holding high hopes because it was a Tuesday night and the show seemed a bit of a mish mash of bands and not particularly well promoted.

We made it to the venue in time to see the end of some boring folk/pop music type band with a terribly posh girl singing. Not a good start. Next up were Primitive. At first they seemed a little awkward on the stage but after a couple of songs really started to get into it. I was pleasantly surprised. They’re a pretty straight up death metal band and I enjoyed the tracks they played. They are a young and solid band who with a bit more experience should prove to be a permanent fixture on the scene. Nice work. Added to facebook and I’ll definitely see them again.

So on to Bloodcell. As I said before I was really there to support my mates on a night that I thought they would need it. Have I ever been more wrong? Hell no! Bloodcell are fucking brilliant and I’m not just saying that. They are a mixture of everything that is great about old school thrash. A pinch of Slayer, a teaspoon of Megadeth, a drop of Exodus, need I labour the point anymore? Pat and the boys have a stage presence of a band that has been doing this shit for years. I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I was to make it down, as clearly were the rest of the audience that pretty much filled the room. Bloodcell kick ass live and you’d be a dumbass to miss their show on 1st December(which is free) at The Unicorn.

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