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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sylosis & Malefice - Islington O2 Academy - 7th October 2011

I seem to spend much of my time hanging around with the guys from Abadden these days and this gig was no exception. I met with John and Dan earlier on in the day at The Dev in Camden. This has got to be the best pub in town for sure, the only problem is that it’s impossible to tell when the place opens... I think 2pm, but won’t put money on it. A few beers later and a random extra ticket purchased off a stranger in the pub that we didn’t need off we headed to the O2 Academy Islington. Once we arrived we were joined by Lady Toes and Pat.

After having staggered in from an afternoon in pubs we were greeted by Malefice. They were stunning live and for me the best of the two bands we saw that night. I had never seen either Sylosis or Malefice before but have been a fan of the music for some time. What an excellent show, the sound, the lights and the all round professional performance had me moshing away like a sixteen year old. Magnificent. If you haven’t had a chance to see this band and do in the future do not hesitate, just do it!!

Don’t get me wrong, Sylosis were pretty shit hot too. This kind of venue suits them perfectly. The place was almost, if not, a sell out and the audience was lively. At times the pit became a little hostile, as can happen with loads of beer and awesome metal but whatever. An extremely polished set performed by an experienced and accomplished band.

A gig on a Friday is always going to end in carnage and this was a prime example. Smashing company, a truckload of beer and exciting music made for a brilliant evening in Islington. This is what makes being a metal fan so (in the words of Bill and Ted) excellent.

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