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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Abadden & Wrong Side of the Wall - Native Tongue, London - 5th November 2011


I was actually planning on making a trip to Watford to catch Parasitic Earth play a home show, which I have been itching to do for ages. However, due to illness they had to pull out a couple of days before. What was I to do? As fortune had it I received a text from John Blunt asking me if I was coming to “the show”. I assumed he was talking about Parasitic Earth, but no! Abadden were supporting some Hungarian Band called Wrong Side of the Wall at Native Tongue in Barbican. What a touch! Shame on me for not actually realising this to begin with. So I rallied the troops and arranged to meet Pat, The Empress, Renu the Drummer and of course the ever trusty Lady Toes for an evening of Abadden joy.

We found a Sam Smiths pub nearby and enjoyed a few pints before the show. Abadden came and joined us for a while which was brilliant. 8.45pm came and it was time for the performance. We walked in to a slightly odd unplugged set by Achilla that was just finishing.

Then Abadden hit the stage. As always they were on fine form. They played all the usual Abadden goodies plus a couple of new ones including, “Pray For Death”. They didn’t play “Angel of Death” this time but I guess they only had thirty minutes to show those who hadn’t heard them before how bloody good they are. Another stonking set, effortlessly laid on for us. Thanks guys.

Wrong Side of the Wall
I think the next band were Wrong Side of the Wall. It was pretty bizarre and not my cup of tea. I guess some of their stuff was quite catchy but altogether an acquired taste really. The main focus of the show, for our group particularly, was the shirtless, fat singer with the most outrageous man boobs we had ever seen. It did give us a good laugh though, so points scored for that.

All in all a sweet Saturday night out for all of us, which of course ended heavily booze soaked at the Dev in Camden. This time I blame Dan Pool for everything.

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