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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ten UK Metal Acts Not To Be Missed

August is always a bit dry on the old gig front, so I thought I’d take a few minutes out to round up my top 10 UK metal bands of the last six months. I strongly urge you all to check this lot out. I’ve also updated the playlist to incorporate songs from these fine UK bands.

Abadden – The absolute bollocks. They mix thrash with death in a totally unique and accessible way. Their live show is faultless and they also happen to be some of the coolest guys around.

Seed of Detest – One of the tightest bands I have ever seen. New death metal, their EP is impeccably produced by Russ Russell. The EP is available for free download.

Kemakil – As I said before, “old school cool.” This is UK thrash at its very best. A band with supremely confident stage presence.

Parasitic Earth – The only way I can describe them is deathcore I suppose. These guys are serious troopers. Excellent live performances and equally impressive studio recordings.

Suicide Watch – New thrash metal. If their album “Global Warning” is anything to go by these guys have a bright future ahead of them. Itching to catch them live.

Necroriser – Not technically from the UK (Brazil actually) but still a firm fixture on the UK scene. Think early Sepultura and you’re getting close.

Basement Torture Killings – How can you not love this band? The stage show is bonkers and the music is brutal as fuck. One of my favourite death metal bands ever.

Amputated – One word for this lot, outrageous. Pig squeeling , death metal brilliance. Do not miss these guys... Seriously.

Revoker – Surprisingly good metal from South Wales. The live show is vibrant and energetic. The studio album “Revenge for the Ruthless” is one of those that stays on repeat for weeks.

The Treatment – I have seen these guys go from strength to strength. The album “This Might Hurt” is throwback Rock n Roll reminiscent of Guns N Roses and AC/DC to name but a few. Extremely competent live and a great bunch of lads to boot.