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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Slayer - Goes to church

Got this emailed to us today!

Send us more stuff @t:

Andrew WK - Leaked Tour dates!

Thanks to Metal Hammer

We are very excited to announce 3 unofficial potential tour dates for Party King 


The leaked venues include:
Thurs April 12th London, Electric Ballroom - We should be here ;)
Fri April 13th – Manchester, Club Academy
Sat April 14th – Scotland, Glasgow, Garage

This tour is to include Andrew WK and his full band performing 2002's hit album 'I get wet'

I hope this isn't too long till we can buy tickets and see some more dates announced!

Monday, 16 January 2012


Soundgarden leaked poster a few hours ago with the second edition of line up names.

What do you guys think?

I think it's a pretty weak line up thus far, Smaller UK Festivals have got my attention and money already!

And Probably 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Hang The Bastard - Interplanetary Portals


Hang The Bastards' World Premiere brand new video!

Brought to you by 'Front Magazine'


Support: The Acacia Strain & Brotherhood Of The Lake
9th – Watford Railway Club - We'll be here!
10th – Tunbridge Wells Forum
11th – Birmingham Anchor & Bishop
12th – Aberdeen Drummonds
13th – Sheffield corporation
14th – Manchester Mohos
15th – Southampton Joiners
16th – Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms - We'll be here!
17th – Peterborough Club Revolution
18th – Liverpool Basement 20

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Dead Lay Waiting - new video too


Whilst we are talking new music videos today, it would be rude to not include 'Rising Records' very own The Dead Lay Waiting.

 Brand new video from these guys.

Hang The Bastard - Friday 13th 2012

The good people at FRONT magazine will be premiering HANG THE BASTARD new video. 
It will also be on Scuzz TV also!

The Brand new video will be shown at 


"We here at Metal Muppets have been big 
fans of this band since the Raw Sorcery EP
and Promise you can expect NOTHING but
the heaviest from this band!"

Thrashing Mad Fest - Necroriser, Kemakil, Crypsis & Bloodcell - 1st December 2011 - The Unicorn, Camden, London

Apologies for the late delivery of this article. We have been working on putting together another Metal Muppets TV webisode for you. Please hold tight and we will get that out in the not too distant future. In the meantime I thought it prudent to throw a few words together to immortalise what is currently being hailed as the new Thrash Thursday… “Thrashing Mad Fest”.

After a couple of line-up changes we were treated to what promised to be an epic bunch of bands, all solid fixtures on the London underground scene. First up, were Bloodcell. You may have read my previous review of their gig at the Water Rats at the beginning of November which secured me as a firm fan. They delivered again. These guys have a remarkable resemblance to Slayer, but you know what? That’s no bad thing. The play solid, head banging thrash. They look the part and certainly know how to bring serious amounts of energy to a show, Pat is a monster. Excellent performance lads, it’s looking to be a bright 2012 for you guys.

Second to tread the boards were Crypsis. Each time I have seen the Brighton three piece they have always entertained me and this time was no different. They smashed us with a full on thrash attack and happen to be a really nice bunch of lads at interview. I feel the need to give an extra special mention to Jamie who has always struck me as a remarkable drummer and very much plays an upfront role in this band. Check them out!

Third band to hit the stage are a personal favourite of mine… Kemakil from Ipswich. These guys are seriously good and this night really proved why they are so damn, fucking awesome. Chris unfortunately wasn’t able to make it, so they were down to a three piece of Rob, Hadyn and Aaron. That night was pissing it down with rain and one of Hadyn’s mates managed to plant his face into the pavement outside the Unicorn with the help of Camden Council’s loose paving stones, so much so that he seemed to go in and out of consciousness. Obviously an ambulance was called and Hadyn had to go to the hospital with him. Bands that consist of mere mortals might have decided to call it quits, but not fuckin’ Kemakil. Rob and Aaron stepped up regardless and they were AMAZING. I’m not exaggerating, they were spot on and everyone went mental. It’s absolutely one of my favourite moments in metal in the last twenty two years, hands down.

Finally it was Necroriser. Jesus… They never, ever fail to deliver. Whenever they play there is always a large following of loyal fans (me included). Mighell is a one man wrecking machine and certainly knows how to wield that axe. It sounds as if he’s playing two guitars at the same time, and to this day we can’t work out how he does it. Vermeyo was seriously charismatic as always, this man was born to be a rock star and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Ruben is a mentalist… What drummer isn’t though?!

In conclusion, this was a fantastic night, enjoyed by all with the exception of Hadyn and his mate perhaps. This was a welcome night and well put together that comfortably filled the vacuum of Thrash Thursday, and because it was at The Unicorn it was nice and free, which is always a bonus.

Abadden - Violent Assault

Check out this bad boy Video from the Guys from 

using the footage they gained whilst out in Ukraine Playing main Support to 
At 2011's 

We wish them well this year!

*Rumour: Return of Thrash Thursday at the Unicorn, Camden in the next few months!*