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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Evile, Sworn Amongst, Stuka Squadron & L Sol Tace - Relentless Garage, Highbury, London -29 September 2011

Evile‘s Album Launch Party was finally upon us. I’d been looking forward to this for some time. I was looking forward to it even more after I heard “Five Serpents Teeth”, a fine return to their original form. Joining me for this one were my good and trusty pals, John and Pat. As the gig was at The Relentless Garage in Highbury we decided to meet early and sink a few at “The Famous Cock” across the street from the venue. We decided, however, to be on time because we’d heard good things about the first support L Sol Tace.

L Sol Tace
L Sol Tace are a hellacious band. At first I thought they seemed a bit weird because they didn’t move. They literally stood glued to the spot cranking out a heavy brand of thrash/death/groove. I soon realised it was because the drum kit was so close to the front of the stage that they had no choice but to remain still. Anton the vocalist looks a bit like a pirate and has an extraordinary voice. Enjoyable stuff, although I’d like to see them with a bit more space and experience everything this band’s live performance has to offer. I’ll be looking for their next show.

Stuka Squadron
Next up were Stuka Squadron. I’m not sure if this was a piss take or not. Assuming it wasn’t, I don’t think I have seen anything so ridiculous. There were five of them on stage dressed from head to toe in what appeared to be some semblance of comical Air Force costumes (long black leather jackets and gay bar leather aviation hats) accessorised by feeble plastic vampire fangs and joke shop blood. They were cheesy and a bad counterfeit of Iron Maiden at points. I hate this kind of stuff. I mean I enjoy the lighter side of metal but it pisses me off that some shit like this gets a slot supporting Evile than the multitude of bands that deserve it more. I wouldn’t recommend it... Total rubbish.

Sworn Amongst
Sworn Amongst followed. This is a class act. This is real, balls out new British thrash. They have a new EP “Evolution” (I haven’t heard it yet but if it’s anything like “Severance” it’ll be dazzling). The set seemed to fly by, I guess because we were enjoying it so much. I fucking love the vocals in this band. The lads seem very comfortable on the stage and the crowd certainly seemed to be getting into the bewildering, full on thrash attack. I think for me Sworn Amongst were the best band of the evening. Buy their album, buy their EP and go to their shows, you won’t regret it. Seriously.

Finally Evile. I know I said that Sworn Amongst were my favourite band of the evening but I don’t want you to think for one moment that Evile weren’t impressive. As always Evile delivered the goods. They played a blistering and lengthy set. The new album “Five Serpents Teeth” is a proficient and masterful example of how thrash should be performed. From start to finish it gleams. As it was the album launch party they played a hefty chunk from the new album to our delight. A particular new favourite for me is the single “Cult”. The whole bloody set was fantastic and we all left thoroughly entertained. The crowning stroke was as we left was the handing out of limited edition Evile Energy drinks as souvenirs. Nice touch.

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