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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Powerage Tour - 24th February 2011

When the guys from The Treatment told me about the upcoming Powerage Tour at Little Caesar I was really excited to be able to see them again so soon. So I rallied a few mates to go down to show our support. It was great because the gig was free and had some excellent bands playing. Again the gig was at The Camden Underworld, but we didn't stop for beer this time because I was worried about not getting in. No problem there though.

We arrived in time for Million $ Reload. They're an enthusiastic rock band from Ireland. I'd never seen them before but enjoyed their set. Their frontman Phil reminded me of Ian Watkins from Lost Prophets for some reason. It was probably the short black hair thing going on. Another cool thing that happened was guitarist Andy Mack giving me a plectrum thet he used during the show. I know it sounds sad but I prize things like that. I have done ever since I was a kid. So thanks for that Andy.

Boojay & The Treatment Nurse!
Next up, The Treatment. Any of you that have read this blog before will know that I'm crazy about this band. It's not just because they're so good live or that every song that they have written is so kick ass. It's because they are all bloody cool as individuals. Every time I see these guys they take the time to hang out and chat with us. I feel like they're my mates now. I even know their parents from these gigs who incidentally are ace too. As always The Treatment didn't disappoint. They ripped through about 35 minutes of quality music which we went bonkers to. I'd had a few bevies so was feeling extra excited during their set. So much so I took it on myself to get the crowd going a bit more than they already were. I started with a cheeky stage dive followed by a spot of moshing. The crowd was mostly up for it which was awesome because I reckon that everyone should be going mental at all of their gigs. I did, however, manage to upset an old lady at the gig who posted later on facebook, "you are an irresponsible tosser. I write this on behalf of the disabled guy who had to be dragged out of the way of your childish stupidity." Just to be clear, I had two friends that were positioned specifically to make sure I was caught and that nobody was going to be hurt. 

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Furthermore, we were at a rock gig, and having had more than twenty two years experience attending gigs like this I can safely say, if you don't want to be part of a mosh or be dived on then "STAY AWAY FROM THE PIT". That goes for anyone who doesn't want to be involved in this kind of stuff, including people with crutches. The great thing about this music is that everyone can have fun. Those who want to show their appreciation with a bit of argy bargy can do so in the pit and those who would rather just stand back and watch the show can do just that. So relax lady, all we're trying to do is show The Treatment how much we dig their shit.

To be honest I didn't catch that much of Lethargy. What I did see seemed pretty good. They sound much heavier live than the stuff I've heard on record. Also, the singer Phil looks like a young version of Jeff Walker of Carcass. The music is very different though!!

Same went for New Device actually, I should have paid more attention. What I did see sounded cool and they are a more than competent band live. In fact, they remind me of a young Def Leppard but a bit more up to date. Fun band for sure.

Overall, it was a stonking night. The Treatment were the best by miles but I did enjoy the other bands too. There wasn't anything that I wouldn't be happy to watch again and the fact that it was free was a nice touch. Finally, I hope I'm in the running for The Treatment's craziest fan, I'm certainly putting the effort in!


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