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Friday, 11 March 2011

Lazarus AD, Bonded By Blood & Abadden - 9th March 2011

Once again Trunks and I headed over to the O2 Islington to see Lazarus AD, Bonded By Blood and Abadden. The gig started at 7pm which was cool because it gave us some time to get our drinking boots on before we went in. When we did finally make it to the doors, the venue was shut. The gig was on at the upstairs stage. We thought this was weird because you would expect a bill like this to attract a large crowd. We were surprised at how small the audience was, but that's OK because how often do you get to see bands this good in such a tiny environment? It's probably the last time we'll ever get to see these guys on such a small stage.

Kill The Machine
So, first up was Kill the Machine. We didn't really like them. I mean I don't mind a bit of sludge but it needs to be good. Crowbar are good. Kylesa are good. Kill the Machine are not. The music was basic and fairly monotonous. On a positive note though, their singer, I think his name is Mick, is pretty capable. I wouldn't rush to see them again, but if I happen to I won't run a mile either. The best I can say is that they're OK.

Billy Robinson (Abadden)
Next was Abadden. We were really excited to see them for the first time. We've been listening to their album "Sentenced to Death" over and over and over. They have a wicked old school thrash sound but brought up to date, if that makes sense. Their music translates perfectly live. They are young, energetic and totally cool.They thrashed us with about half an hour of sonic delights, which makes us even more excited about seeing them with Gama Bomb and Mutant in May.
Boojay & Mauro from BBB
Bonded By Blood hit the stage next. Damn these boys are good. Relentless old school thrashing never gets boring. I actually felt that I had stepped back in time about twenty years. Their new singer Mauro is a great addition to this brilliant band. We met them after their set too and they are genuinely excellent people, but more about that later...
Jeff Paulick (Lazarus AD)

Finally Lazarus AD. These guys look so comfortable on stage, like they were born for this. They are so tight as a band as well. They took it to another level. We tried to get a little mosh going but the venue is a bit small and the crowd weren't really up for it. Having said that, our mate Steve was there, and he's a nutter, so amongst us we gave it our best shot. Lazarus AD are so accomplished it's hard to put it into words. These guys have got a seriously bright future ahead of them. It's weird that Jeff Paulick is a dead ringer for Dimebag. All I can say is, quality, pure quality.

Boojay, Lazarus AD & Bonded By Blood
The night didn't end there though. Steve and I were hammered so we decided to go to The Crobar just off the Charing Cross Road with the boys from Bonded By Blood. It got seriously messy, what with all of those Jager Bombs and endless cans of Red Stripe. I don't remember how I got home. I just remember not being able to find my keys and having to wake my flat mate up at 4.30am. What an incredible night! We definitely partied like rock stars, which is a really great idea on a Wednesday night...


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