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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Lemmy - The Movie

Where to start with the film “Lemmy”. How about Lemmy came through the front door of this Rockumentary already a legend and left through the back door my fucking hero. I’m not actually sure if Lemmy will stand out as good film making but then I didn’t choose to watch it for the slow motion shot of Lemmy on stage twanging his bass. To be honest Channel 4 could have done just as good a job, but then they didn’t get access to him so a moot point really.

I’ve heard a lot of press about how you don’t need to be a fan to enjoy the film and for the most part I agree, but fans of Lemmy will love this for different reasons. My wife laughed and was astonished at how this grown man in his 60’s lives like a college dropout doing whatever, whenever he pleases. I on the other hand laughed out loud because the stories that made Lemmy a legend in the first place were true and I so wanted them to be true. I sat there watching him play video games in his flat full of Nazi memorabilia, knives littering the wall and general shit everywhere thinking “wow” he’s living the rock and roll dream. He made me want to drink Jack Daniels and I fucking hate that stuff.
The reason most will want to see this film will be down to the personal insights into Lemmy’s life given he’s been so private about this in the past. We get to see his son, where he lives, what he does during the day and at this point I’m already diving across his fag littered coffee table for the nearest knife on the wall to slit my wrists. It just doesn’t seem enough to me, you think he would need more in his life other than Motorhead, but he doesn’t.
The most surprising part of this film in the end was just how content Lemmy is with his life. He strolls through this film without a care in the world drinking JD and playing loud music to his devoted fans, who I suspect will love him even more after this.
10 out of 10


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