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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Kylesa - 7th February 2011

Tonight was just me and Will again. It seems as if we live at The Camden Underworld these days. Anyway, Will has just moved into London so no need to worry about driving at the other end of the train journey, and there's nothing like drinking on a Monday night... We sunk a couple at The Worlds End and then made our way next door.

I'm not absolutely sure but I think the place was pretty full and the venue was completely open this time. We were lucky enough to receive those weird till receipts again. What's with that? I kind of like having an actual ticket to keep. I haven't had one so far this year. Oh well, details.

First band up were Okkultokrati, a doom band from Norway. I thought they were OK. I wouldn't rush to see them again. Their vocalist spent the whole time hiding behind his hair and we couldn't really hear him. I guess because I didn't really like them their set seemed to last for bloody ages. The audience seemed to like it though and Will reckoned they were good, but they're not my cup of tea. It would've been better to have two bands with shorter sets in my opinion. Frankly, these guys were weird. That was backed up by the fact that this old guy had his fingers in his ears throughout their set. Will reckons I've got simple musical tastes...

Kylesa joined us at about 9.30pm. I know it's their gimmick but the two drummer thing seems a bit unnecessary. I don't think it really made too much difference. Anyway, these guys are pretty tight. In fact, they rocked. We waded through their sludgy sounds for about an hour and a half. They were pretty relentless. I went up the front for a bit of argy bargy which was fun. How come there's always some guy right up the front that gets really pissed off about people moshing? Seriously? You're at a metal gig dude. That happens every time. If you can't handle it then perhaps you should fuck off to the back. Anyway, the set was great up until the encore when they practically jerked their instruments off. They played this weird concoction of sounds for about 15 minutes, concluding with a big Sepultura style drum off. It was kind of cool but seen it before.

Boojay & Will with Laura Pleasants of Kylesa
Overall we had a good night. As far as sludge goes this year I still prefer Crowbar. Highlight of the evening... A guy called Phil in the pit saying he thought I was 19. Priceless!


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