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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Evile - 13th February 2011

We did the usual and met for a few beers at The Worlds End to kick start the evening. After standing unaware at either end of the pub for twenty minutes we finally realised that we had both arrived already... Clever. There's nothing like standing around drinking by yourself looking like a prat. It didn't matter we were both excited to be seeing Evile for the first time.

So we leave the pub and go to the door of The Underworld. Sometimes there's a seperate queue for people that are picking up pre-booked tickets from the box office. We always do this. I asked this guy sort of hanging around outside but not actually in the queue if he's lining up to pick up his tickets from the box office. He smugly replied, "no, I'm queuing for my bus pass" and laughs at me like I'm some kind of idiot. What a fucking dick. So after this we decide that there isn't a seperate queue and line up with everyone else. As we get to the front there was a seperate queue for pre-booked tickets and people who already had tickets could go straight in. So if that twat who was completely wrong is reading this... Go fuck yourself. If we ever see you in the pit we will bury you.

On a slight tangent this incident raises a question that we've wondered about for years. Why is it that when you pass a metal head in the street or bump into one on the tube, for example, you always respectfully acknowledge one another, or actually even speak as though you're already aquainted, but as soon as you get into an environment when everyone's a metaller (e.g. a gig or pub) then some people turn into such unbelievable dickheads? We always thought of the metal community as a kind of family. Maybe we're just getting old and aren't as cool as guys like that. Whatever you clown, we'll still fucking bury you.

As a result of having to wait in the pointless queue we ended up missing Bleeding Oath who were apparently pretty good according to some people we spoke to.

We did, however, get to see Mutant. I am so happy that we did. I can't believe we haven't seen them before. These guys are brilliant. They have a similar humour to their music that Gama Bomb has. I love watching shows like this. Sam Klempner reminds me of a comedy version of Mille Petrozza from Kreator. His banter between songs had me in bits. Have a look at this we recorded a bit for you...

Mutant have to be seen, I can't urge you enough. We will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for this band. We really hope they do well. What an amazing performance.

Next up were Elimination. These guys weren't so great. Mutant kicked their ass. To be honest we found them to be a bit cheesy. The singer looked like a tubby version of James Hetfield and, as you know, we think Metallica are dicks. The bassist, Justin, stole the show for them. He's cool, reminds me a bit of Rex from Pantera. I don't want to sit here and pan them because they weren't that bad, but weren't that great either. We might go and see them again, if the gig is free. Check it out, we recorded them...

Finally Evile. I think they are bloody excellent, always have. They are quality musicians, have incredible stage presence and devoted fans. It was crazy on the dance floor. We had people landing on us constantly. The stage diving was insane! We didn't stop moshing and diving throughout the set. Some highlights of the set were (a) the twenty stone guy landing on top of a guy we were trying to pick up off the floor (I thought he was a gonner and WTF dude?), (b) finally being caught on video stage diving, check it out...

Best gig of 2011 so far. We cannot wait for Evile's new album.

Boojay (words) & Trunks (videos)

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