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Monday, 31 January 2011

Little Caesar & The Treatment - 30th January 2011

So Toes and I trundled over to the Hawley Arms in Camden on Sunday afternoon to meet our mates Alex, Rajiv, Sam and Vic before making our way to The Camden Underworld for Little Caesar. I quite like this pub actually. It's a lot like many other pubs in North London going for this kind of shabby chic thing. Anyway, we had a few pints and braved the sub zero temeratures in our beer jackets and made our way over to The Camden Underworld.

We arrived about fifteen minutes after the doors had opened. We were let in through the small entrance which was a new experience for me. I like new experiences. They had blocked off the main bar, I guess because it wasn't sold out. The place was the emptiest I had ever seen it. It was weird. It started to make me feel like we were going to have a crappy night. Oh well, sod it, let's just drink some more beer then.

Sons of Icarus were the first band on stage. Mob handed we all went to the front by the stage to lend some support because it was so empty and these guys did rock. They are just like Led Zepplin actually. So much like Led Zepplin, as Alex said, that they even do the seven minute song thing and the guitarist was doing all that Jimmy Page stuff. They were fun though and seemed like a nice bunch of lads when we spoke to them after their set. I'd go and see them again for sure.

Toes & Boojay with The Treatment
The Treatment were up next. OK, to be honest this band was the reason why we were here in the first place. I saw them last year supporting Zodiac Mindwarp and they really, seriously ROCK. They remind me of a young Skid Row but rockier. These guys are only young old but play like a band with way more years behind them. I liked it when Matt (the vocalist) said, "We're not into all that politics stuff, we're only nineteen!" I was singing along like a muppet especially to "Shake the Mountain". By now the venue had filled out significantly which was a relief. These boys had the place going (as much as an audience of that age do get going I suppose). We had a bit of a chat with them and some of their Mums and Dads after their set which was very cool too. Their new album is out on the 7th February, can't wait for that. Also, they told us that they're playing a free show at The Underworld on 24th February which I definitely intend to see! These guys are definitely one to watch in my opinion. I hope they go far, they really deserve it.

Finally, Little Caesar. I remember back in the early nineties when these guys were really famous, I never thought I'd get to see them in such a small venue. Like I've said before though, this is a great time for rock and metal fans because this is happening more and more these days with bands that were much bigger years ago. I thought that The Treatment were a very hard act to follow, however, you got to hand it to these old boys, they know what they're doing. Right from the start they belted out great tune after great tune. Toes actually said that it was the best concert she had ever seen in her life. I think they were pretty chuffed when I asked her tell them that in person. It was one of those gigs that you enjoy so much you don't want it to end. All of us loved it and have been chatting about it all morning. There wasn't a disappointing moment apart from maybe the sparse crowd at the beginning, but whatever Trevor that fixed itself. I think the old fellas were genuinly pleased to be playing up there and received a great response from us that they thoroughly deserved.

Best band of the evening... The Treatment, hands down.


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  1. I was at that gig too, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the best band there were the openers, 'Sons of Icarus', in my opinion. Those boys have got big things ahead of them, I can tell.
    Can't wait for their gig this Saturday at the Camden Barfly.