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Friday, 21 January 2011

Crowbar - 20th January 2011

So what have I got to say about Crowbar then? I'd had a few beers so my memory is a bit sketchy but here goes... My mate Will and I handed our corner shop till receipts over at the door (Seriously when I picked the tickets up they gave me what looked just like those paper tally rolls you get from small shops that don't itemise anything on the receipt) and we were actually let in. I was a bit shocked. If you think about it though it's quite a good idea because I mean, who in their right mind is going to buy a ticket from a tout when it looks like that? Anyway, I digress, we made our way downstairs into the Camden Underworld. I really like this venue. It's small, it's dark and they let you stage dive. It reminds me of the old Marquee Club on Charing Cross Road that has now been turned into a really horrible Wetherspoons pub, a fucking tragedy.

The first band had just started and I haven't managed to find out what their name is yet but they were OK. It was weird because they were all wearing togas or full Centurion outfits. Will made a good point by saying that they weren't convincing anyone into thinking their music was any better by wearing those outfits. I think the only band that can get away with that shit is GWAR, who I reckon are totally awesome. I thought the music they were playing was really good, but the singer wasn't great, not shit, but not great. It was all that new, shouting, metalcore style, which is OK but not really my cup of tea. It kind of makes me get a sore throat in sympathy for those singers. Some people could argue the same for death metal vocals but I think that's different, and besides that's a whole different discussion. They did play a song that sounded just like Raining Blood by Slayer. Will and I sang along to it accordingly.

Next up, Shaped By Fate. I love these guys. I saw them twice last year and every time they gave their all to the performance. Paul Fortescue is a really charismatic frontman. His sneering aggression, wiry tattooed body and endless energy make him right up there with some of the best I've seen. The rest of the band aren't to be sniffed at performance-wise either. Luke, Richey and Lee leap all over the place. It's a wonder that they don't smash into each other or fall off the stage from time to time. A good solid performance overall from these boys. I look forward to seeing them again next time they visit London. I'm actually listening to their album, "The Unbeliever" as I write this. Heavy.

Finally, Crowbar. Awesome, seriously. I've never seen them before, but I promise I will see them again if that show was anything to go by. I was surprised that Kirk was so small though. For some reason I had always imagined him to be some kind of giant. I don't know why. That he certainly isn't, he's tiny. A tiny guy with a massive voice. The crowd were loving it but were a bit tamer than what I'm usually used to. I guess the slow, thundering music sort of keeps people trance-like, rhythmically headbanging than frantically crowd surfing and stage diving. So none of that carrying on for me last night. I was seriously tempted though. The set seemed to fly by in a flash, like they always do when you're enjoying it so much. Nice work Crowbar.

Boojay w/ Luke & Richey from Shaped By Fate
Overall a great night and a brilliant start to 2011. Something a bit mellower for you next time... Little Caesar and The Treatment.


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