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Friday, 3 June 2011

The Treatment, Skinny Machines & The Crave - 2nd June 2011 - The Borderline, London

The Treatment
So The Treatment were back in London doing a support slot with The Crave at The Borderline. That’s cool, I like this venue because it’s where I first discovered this amazing band. I was joined this evening by my good friends Doggie, Coco the Clown and my excellent girlfriend Toes. I’d been looking forward to this for ages as I’d bought my ticket as soon as the date was announced. We arrived in good time and a few ciders down to make the night even more exciting.

The Treatment burst on stage with a new number as a special surprise for us. As expected it totally rocked. The set was magical. The band are so engaging it’s ridiculous. I’ve said this before but jeez I can’t believe how accomplished they are for such young guys. They played Just Tell Me Why, Shake the Mountain, The Doctor, Nothing to Lose amongst others, all of which I gladly sang along to. The band were very well represented and the crowd loved it. They have come such a long way in the last year and if they continue to snowball like this I wouldn’t be surprised if we see them headlining much bigger venues in the not too distant future. I am a Heavy Metal Muppet so it’s hardly surprising that I ended up on stage with the band at the end. A seriously brilliant show, delivered by an equally brilliant bunch of lads that clearly live and breath rock n roll. Keep it coming guys.


Over to Coco the Clown for a guest review of the last two bands of the evening...

Skinny Machines - I think the Guyliner and the drummer with a bowler hat should have been enough warning, but being charitable I thought I would listen to what they had. Thirty seconds later I wish I hadn't bothered. I think sub-American teen TV show mood music sums up their sound. Some angsty shit about something or other. For Borderline - inappropriate. Took me a while to realise they had stopped playing.
Heavy Metal Muppet & The Treatment

The Crave - Weirdly it seemed as though each song started out with great heavy promise, but soon dissolved into a Bon Jovi jam session. The highlight came about two-thirds of the way through their set when all of a sudden they smashed out a passable cover of Ace of Spades. Really got the crowd going. Then they went back to JBJ, leaving a slightly bemused audience. It was like the bass player got his moment in the sun before the rest of the band tapped him on the shoulder and said "Easy! That's enough of that! We all know an updated version of 80s hair rock is the way forward." The fact that their merch consisted largely of womens fit t-shirts indicated who they were targeting and for that I suppose fair play.

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