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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Death Metal Alldayer with: General Surgery, Desecration, Abbadon Incarnate, Basement Torture Killings, Bloodshot Dawn, Decrepid, Trifixion, Diathesis - 29th May 2011 - The Purple Turtle, London

It’s taken me a few days to write this because it’s taken me a few days to get over the carnage that was this bank holiday weekend. The focus being The Death Metal All Dayer at The Purple Turtle accompanied by my friends Sam and Steve. This was a particularly exciting prospect considering it was General Surgery’s first ever tour in the UK (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Unfortunately I arrived at about 3.45pm so only caught the tail end of  Diathesis’ set. What I did hear sounded OK. It’s always going to be hard being the one of the first bands on at an event of this length and to boot my enthusiasm was at its low point on arrival because of the hangover I’d been enduring up to that stage. They’re pretty good on myspace though, check ‘em out.

I did however see all of Trifixion’s set. As with every band that played at this show these guys were good. I enjoyed their no nonsense approach to the genre. The show was a little stiff but the content was definitely worthy of a place on this stage. The riffs are heavy and relentless and lead on to the more technical stuff nicely. The vocals remind me of the old school, almost like Chris Barnes back in his CC days. Good stuff.

Next up were Decrepid. To be honest when I first saw them I thought they looked kind of weird. The image was a little off beat. Who cares really, we’re at a death metal gig for fuck sake. More to the point I really enjoyed their music. These guys reminded me of old bands like Gutted and Massacre. The songs are almost groovy, very catchy riffs and not break neck speed like a lot of death metal is these days. Cool guitar solos too. Half way through the set they stopped and challenged someone to down a can of beer through a pipe and funnel, which they failed to do, quite odd. Definitely a band on my list to make sure I see more often though. Since I’ve seen them I have had their stuff pretty much on loop!

Bloodshot Dawn
Bloodshot Dawn were great!! Everything about this band screams professionalism. They look the part and their singer Josh is every bit the rock star. At the time I didn’t think that any other band could be better than this lot. I haven’t seen them before and am bloody glad I did. Technically excellent and their music is a kind of hybrid between death and thrash, very unique stuff. I would seriously watch this space with these guys.

Next up was Necrosadistic Goat Torture. These guys are more of a black metal outfit. I’m not enormously keen on black metal, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that I wasn’t too into this band. Having said that, they gave a lively performance and had a pretty solid crowd of people there to see them. They have all the elements of a steadfast band. Enjoyable for a genre I don’t usually get into that much.

Basement Torture Killings crept on stage next. I love Basement Torture Killings. I saw them recently at The Underworld supporting Malevolent Creation and they seriously kicked arse there. They did it again here. They have managed to perfectly combine the horror aspect of their live show to the brutality of their music. I spoke to ‘Bertrand’ after their set and he agreed that it was a risk to take this route but they have managed to blend it perfectly into a thoroughly enjoyable and shocking experience, and at times downright hilarious (in a good way). At one point they passed a creepy serial killer type prop consisting of a Polaroid picture adorned with hair and a packet of what appeared to be blood. Their new album “The Second Cuming” is a ‘must have’, and their live performance is a ‘must see’ for any self respecting death metal fan.

Abaddon Incarnate
Abaddon Incarnate. Personally I didn’t like them as much as some of the other bands. This brand of death metal is frantic and brutal as hell. It verges on the point of grindcore. This is not such a bad thing and was an interesting departure to the previous bands we had been listening to. Having said that they were in some ways quite similar to Deicide who are arguably the best death metal band ever. Entertaining overall but not my favourite.

Desecration are another band that I have liked for a while but have never seen, and they were brilliant, even better than I expected. They look and feel like a headlining band and seem so comfortable on stage. They are  pleasure to watch. I also loved the Welshman’s banter between songs. I really felt that they appreciated the audience and I think that was a sentiment shared by most of the people in attendance. I am looking forward to new stuff and more gigs. Nice one lads.

General Surgery
General Surgery sort of shuffled on to the stage and sort of began to sort of play. After about a minute of this they apologised and said that they’d be back in five minutes. On their return they were dressed in surgical scrubs and covered head to toe in blood. It was an amazing spectacle. Their style of Swedish death metal brings to mind Entombed and Dismember or (even though they’re not Swedish) dare I say it... Carcass. A well oiled performance was delivered up and gladly devoured by the crowd. General Surgery are awesome, I feel privileged to have been at this gig, as I said before, I believe it was their first ever UK tour. A fantastic conclusion to a fantastic day overall. No more cider for a while methinks...

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