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Monday, 12 September 2011

Cannabis Corpse, Necroriser & Cavity Search - 8th September 2011 - The Purple Turtle, London

Thursday 8th September was the long awaited night for parody act Cannabis Corpse at The Purple Turtle. I met my friend Pat in good time and joined the stupid queues that they always insist on having outside this venue. Who are they kidding? As if there’s going to be a rammed to capacity show at 730pm. It’s becoming seriously annoying because every time I go to this place I always end up missing most of the first band’s set.

Cavity Search
So in true Purple Turtle style I managed to only catch half of Cavity Search’s show despite being on time. The moment I walked in was the moment that one of the guitarists strings broke and had to leave the stage looking for someone to lend him another guitar. Which incidentally turns out to be a harder thing to do than you might imagine because apparently Cavity Search tune their guitars normally and not weirdly like the other bands. As a result it meant no more gig for him. However, for us it didn’t seem to make too much difference because they’re a ballsy punk/hardcore band. I like this kind of stuff and found Cavity Search pretty cool. Slightly off key on the bill but definitely one to watch if you’re into the punky stuff.

NECRORISER!! This band are pure metal and truthfully the reason I was there. Despite the problems the band were having with their monitors (apparently they couldn’t hear anything on stage) they still managed to pull off a killer set. They look awesome and sound great. Early Sepultura eat your heart out. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were plenty of Necroriser shirts in the crowd. There’s a reason I quoted them as one of my top ten bands of 2011 and this gig just proved why. Not only do they know how to slay on stage they also have plenty of time for the fans who came to see them... Made even more evident by the late night drinking at The Dev afterwards.

I don’t even want to talk about what happened next... Seriously, I’m going to pretend it never happened.

Cannabis Corpse
So on to Cannabis Corpse, one word... Wicked. They remind me so much of the slower, less technical old school death metal bands of the early 90’s. Bands akin to Death, Cancer, Gutted and Massacre. There’s a real groove to their music that takes me back. The band is a tribute/parody of the mighty Cannibal Corpse (and made up of members of Municipal Waste amongst others) which almost seems a shame because Pat hadn’t taken them in anyway seriously before the show, which I imagine as a result of the comedic aspect of the band, many others probably feel the same. I only mean it’s a shame because the music and the live show is so fucking good, basically too good to be taken so lightly. Great show, great band.

In conclusion the bill was unusual and I had heard that the promoter was trying to mix things up a little, which seems a bit weird if you ask me. I am also going off The Purple Turtle because they seem to be taking the piss. Apart from that, overall the night was a success.

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